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GSA Members Decry Homophobic Phrase ‘that’s gay’

Cianna Hollinger, Staff Writer

March 12, 2020

Even with the higher level of acceptance for students open about their sexuality here, not many phrases are as jarring for members of the LGBTQ+ than “That’s so gay,” often used among students to express annoyance at an...

Bands Searching For An Audience

Chandler Roberts, Arts and Entertainment Editor

February 27, 2020

Anyone can make music, or at least share them easily. Websites such as SoundCloud and YouTube allow anyone to upload their tunes online. Apps such as Spotify and Apple Music also are making music much more accessible to the...

You’re sleep-deprived. Here’s what to do about it

Tae Yun (Erica Kang) and Shantala Muruganujan, Staff Writers

November 1, 2019

Students and adults claim to not be getting enough sleep. The average teen needs 9.5 hours per day, and adults need about 7 hours. A Stanford Medicine study shows that 87% of American students attending high school are sleep-deprived. A...

Options Exist for Students without Reliable Internet

Renee Owens, Staff Writer

November 5, 2018

When there isn’t internet access at home, senior Natalie Bacilio must find ways to compensate in an age when schoolwork is largely done online. “There’s times when my parents can’t really pay for internet because they barely mee...

Students Unsure About Late Start

Jessica Berton, Staff Writer

October 1, 2018

California Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed legislation that would mandate all public and charter schools in the state to start school at 8:30 a.m., saying that local communities should manage their own start times. Scientists ...

Lack of diversity plagues Google arts app’s selfie feature

Julianne Alvares, Opinion Editor

March 12, 2018

Reviews for the app were mixed. It received a 4.7 on the Apple App Store and a 3.6 on the Google Play Store. Many reviews of the app express frustration over the selfie feature, especially regarding the lack of racial diversity.

Vegas shooting again renews gun laws debate

Aaron Deans, Staff Writer

November 24, 2017

Spanish teacher Leticia Molina has a complicated relationship with guns. When she was in college, Molina was held up at gunpoint in an attempted at the Coldwell Banker real estate company she was employed. “I had been ha...

North bay fires tough on staff, students

Michaela Edlin, Managing Editor

November 24, 2017

The devastating North Bay fires that swept through Santa Rosa and other counties reminded math teacher Jennifer Brady of a fire 15 years ago in her former neighborhood. It was the Fourth of July, and kids on her street had acciden...

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