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Sydney Uyeda, Online Editor

December 3, 2017

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Science Briefs: Nobel chemistry prize awarded for microscopic tech advancements Joachim Frank, Jacques Dubochet and Richard Henderson were named as the recipients of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry this past month. Their a...

The truth behind genders

March 30, 2017

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Gender and sex are different; that’s a fact. Before you were born, you were most likely assigned a gender from ultrasound imaging or maybe the doctor told your parents, ‘It’s a boy!’ or ‘It’s a girl!’ after you ...

War on Science

March 30, 2017

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Rep. Matt Gaetz, Florida’s representative for their first congressional district, proposed a bill on February 3, 2017, calling for the termination of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While this bill is still in co...


March 30, 2017

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Procrastination: otherwise known as intentional delay, postponing, putting off, avoidance, or most commonly referred to as the bane of mankind’s existence. It’s the reason senior Ryan Posey rushed on his AP Art Portfolio, the reason sopho...

May’s Teacher of the Month: Dr. Juan Fernandez

May 14, 2013

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BY MATTHEW RISKO “Students are obviously the best thing about teaching. Every student is special, with their own idiosyncrasies and needs.” These were the sentiments expressed by Science Teacher Dr. Juan Fernandez, who was...

Real Life Mermaid

April 5, 2013

STAR Testing Schedule

April 1, 2013

Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine Dies before Award Announced

October 25, 2011

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By Chris Chaboya Ralph Steinman, one of three winners of the 2011 Nobel Prize in medicine, died before he could receive his award. The 68-year old cell biologist died only a few days before the announcement, from a pre-existing cancer he’d been battling f...

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