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Dress code stays despite petiton

Taylor Susewitz, Science and Tech Editor

October 6, 2017

The newly-enforced dress code has had everyone chattering this past month.  Should you return that brand new off-the-shoulder top?  What about the t-shirt that shows an inch of your stomach? One student decided that there was an issue ...

Staff elects first co-teachers of the year

Grace Clinton, Sports Editor

July 4, 2017

History was made at Branham with the announcement that the winner of the annual honor “Teacher of the Year” would go to not just one teacher, but two! For the first time ever, there was a tie between science teacher Ms. Kor...

Promising start for first LSU summit

Omar Ababneh, Staff Writer

July 4, 2017

Immigration, graduation rates, university eligibility and school leadership were among the hot topics discussed at the district’s first Latino Student Conference on May 19. Branham’s Latino Student Union (LSU) organized the district-wi...

No room in parking lot

Ty Shikashio, Managing Editor

July 4, 2017

Recent spikes in Branham’s population have had dramatic effects on the availability of parking in the student parking lot. Since 2013, Branham’s total student population has increased by 300, and the influx of students is s...

War on Science

March 30, 2017

Rep. Matt Gaetz, Florida’s representative for their first congressional district, proposed a bill on February 3, 2017, calling for the termination of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While this bill is still in co...

White power flyers found at school

March 30, 2017

The Bay Area is home to nine hate groups and as of recent educational institutions have been one of the targets of their hateful agenda.  In late-February, flyers in the style of WWII propaganda with the text, “LOVE WHO YOU...

Trash Talk

March 30, 2017

Littering is an issue at our school. Despite the 186 trash cans around the campus, Taconada wrappers still manage to elude the trashcans. The custodial staff has to spend extra time picking up after lunchtime. Don’t think tha...

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