Homecoming Court : 2012 Nominees Announced


Earlier this week, Branham High School announced its official nominees for Homecoming Court. The announcement has since had a very big impact on students at Branham. Being involved in Homecoming Court is, “Good representation of who they are for their class.”, states Larry Lopez, Activities Director and Leadership Teacher at Branham High school. Many students tend to take nominations quite seriously, which oftentimes threatens to overshadow the fact that nomination is intended primarily to be a positive, fun-filled experience. Said seriousness can, if allowed to grow to extreme proportions, manifest itself in the form of attempted cheating, an action which, if discovered, is grounds for immediate disqualification from the court. By extension, any other significant misconduct on the part of the nominees may also result in disciplinary action in the form of disqualification and eviction from the court.

The nominees for Branham’s 2012 Homecoming Court are as follows:

Freshman: Aaron Vietu, Alexander Kiflom, Jonas Cliplickas, Leilani Camra, Swathi Vittalbabu, Ashely Lawrence.

Sophomore: Chi Nyguen, David Clark, Baron Maschmeyer, Hannah La Fleur, Sandy Lam, Sharri Mo.

Junior: Omar Elserogy, Dillion Stanley, Eric Anchondo, Jordan Flores, Krista Jackson and Lauren Do.

Senior: James Krepelka, Kyle Shikashio, Colby Yoshino, Victor Di Salvo, Jason Chiorean, Yuki Seeman, Ali Iwashita, Katelyn Cool, Kaitlyn Dent, Brianna Fischer.