Washington Man Arrested for Threatening President Obama

President Barack Obama is surrounded by Secret Service members as he visited the campus of the University of North Carolina, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Tuesday April 24, 2012. (Chuck Liddy/Raleigh News & Observer/MCT)

By Shelly Garcia

A Washington state man was arrested on August 21 after sending a threatening, profanity laced e-mail to FBI agents.  Anton Caluori, 31, was deemed a legitimate danger to President Obama. In his email, the man wrote, “I want to kill the president!!!!! I want you to come and get me ….. You can’t afford to call my bluff.”

Secret Service agents arrived at Caluori’s house on Tuesday, August 21, where they were greeted by Caluori wearing a large knife and a black bandolier filled with 12-gauge shotgun shells. Agents also observed a holster with a revolver on his ankle and his right hand behind his back. When told to show both his hands, Caluori revealed a pump-action shotgun loaded to capacity with the safety off.

A small struggle occurred and “Officer Hensing grabbed the gun barrel as Caluori lifted it in our direction, and I grabbed Caluori’s person,” Special Agent Bryan Molnar said. Caluori was disarmed and charged the next day with making a threat against the president and assaulting a federal officer. If convicted, Caluori faces up to 25 years in prison.

This assassination threat is not the first for President Obama, who began receiving such threats even before his presidential campaign began in 2007. In fact, he was the first presidential candidate to receive Secret Service protection before actually being nominated. The Secret Service was concerned that Mr. Obama, the first African-American to be the nominee of a major political party, would become a target for racist groups.