Mackey Gone; Butts In

By Joe Gorham

John Mackey, last year’s Branham Varsity basketball coach, has taken a full-time teaching position at Del Mar High School. Branham math teacher Mr. Madison Butts will be the Varsity coach this year.

Madison Butts has worked at Branham for one year in the Mathematics department. Coach played ay UC Davis for three years and was their center. When he was at UC Davis in the 2002-03 season, he averaged 2.9 points per game with a season high 17 points against Cal State Bakersfield. In the 2003-04 season, he started 2 games and appeared in 18 games.

John Mackey coached for three years at Branham. He made Branham basketball very successful. Some of his plays are still in Branham’s offense. Mackey was instrumental in Branham’s move up to a higher division. Last year his coaching helped Branham go 14-0 to win league. Branham basketball is very appreciative of his help and supports his dream of being a teacher.

This year Coach Butts wants basketball to “carry on a tradition of hard work…to increase commitment to make every student that plays for me a student athlete.” The basketball season starts in November.