Getting into the Rhythm

Workshops and more for Jazz Band at Santa Cruz Jazz Festival


Sophomore Matsya Vinodh plays a solo on the baritone saxophone during the Jazz Band’s performance at Cabrillo College.

Aadyant Suresh, Staff Writer

The Jazz Band attended the 36th Santa Cruz Jazz Festival at Cabrillo College in Aptos on Friday, packing the day with performances and clinics on improvisation and music production.

The nearly daylong event began at 12 p.m., with the band having to load their instruments and other necessary equipment like keyboards and cables.

After arriving, the group watched other bands performing before launching into their performance at 4 p.m., playing “Blue Notes Blue” by Jeff Jarvis, Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” arranged by Ken Schaphorst, and “Rhumbazoid” by Eric Bolvin.

Jazz guitarist Yann Quinard featured prominently in two solos and was later awarded a special commendation for his performance.

Quinard, who has been playing guitar for 11 years, said that “it felt great to know that the judges had noticed me.

Following the performance, the group headed to a clinic on rhythm, which sophomore bass clarinetist Owen Jordan-Sparks said was helpful.

“He gave us some really good rhythm stuff to keep track of, especially during ‘Rhumbazoid,’ which had some difficult rhythms for everyone to learn,” Jordan-Sparks said. “The funny part is he made us dance.”

The group ended their day treated to a concert featuring jazz guitarist Mimi Fox.

Jordan-Sparks said events like the Santa Cruz Jazz Festival dedicated to jazz are inspiring him to continue learning and playing with the jazz band.

“I really enjoy playing jazz music and I listen to it all the time, so I just want to keep playing it,” Jordan-Sparks said.