Performances, food and fashion highlight World Language Banquet


Lauren Gernale/Bear Witness

Mandarin teacher Linda Chen teaches students and children Tai Chi on stage at the World Language Banquet on Thursday.

Lauren Gernale, Staff Wrtier

Treats, laughter and dance numbers were on display Thursday at the fifth annual World Language Banquet, featuring Spanish, French, Mandarin and newly added Korean student and staff performances. 

The banquet featured nine class performances, including a fashion show from French, a Spanish Korean dance performances.

Students could also choose from activities and food throughout the night. Two long tables were dedicated to a cultural potluck. Student-led booths featured French Mardi-Gras mask decorating, face painting and Chinese calligraphy.

The French fashion show showcased traditional and designer looks from the 1910s to 1990s, created by senior Jack Lawrence with the help of sophomore Ian Angelopoulos. 

Teachers also joined in on the fun, with Korean teacher Sunyoung Jeon and Mandarin teacher Linda Chen singing a duet of “Your Shampoo Scent in the Flowers” by Jang Beom-June.

A K-pop dance performance to “OMG” by NewJeans, featured freshmen Erica Kim, Kate Okishima, Pauline Kang, Adelle Kang and sophomore David Tran. 

This is the scond time the group has performed, having had no prior dance experience. Kim said it has been her favorite experience so far this year.

“Once in a while if you do something impulsive and new you can earn something good from it,” Kim said.

Spanish students from teachers Merry Sara Maddelein, Heather Votava and Leticia Molina classes also joined in class performances. Votava enjoyed seeing her students outside the classroom setting.

“I’m glad the kids have time to socialize and connect again outside of the classroom,” Votava said. “I think it’s important. I don’t think we have enough opportunities to do that.”

French teacher Katia Saade said she enjoyed seeing how students shared appreciation for different cultures.“They’re expressing themselves in such a lovely, beautiful way,” she said. “I love seeing everyone happy and enjoying the food, the dances and the cultures.”