Sister Acts

Calvert Siblings perform with All-State honor choirs


Theresa Calvert

Ella, Maya and Leila Calvert outside the Saroyan Theater in Fresno. The siblings were accepted into the All-State Honor choirs. It was the first for freshmen Ella and Leila, and Maya’s fourth.

Aadyant Suresh, Staff Writer

The Calvert sisters Maya, Leila, and Ella all showed their talents as part of the state honor choir late February at California All-State Music Education Conference in Fresno.

The siblings were chosen out of more than 1,000 applicants, with freshman twins Leila and Ella accepted for junior high division. Junior Maya Calvert joined the high school division. This is the first time the freshmen made the state choir, and it was Maya’s fourth.

The Calverts have had 10 years of choir experience, with each singing soprano and alto respectively.

The application process included voice recordings and sight reading music.

Ella said that the California All State Music Education Conference, which ran from Feb. 16 to 19, was extensive, with practice for the event starting a few days before the performance.

They also focused on adding dynamics and working with different directors to work through the pieces and add different feels and styles. In addition to the hours of rehearsals, participants took breaks to learn about each other.

“We played a giant game of telephone with over 120 people and we would each go over all the songs and stylistic choices,” Ella said.

Ella also said that she enjoyed meeting fellow all-state performers and learned a lot about everyone individual’s singing talents.

Following rehearsals, the choir gathered for the performance the last day of the conference at the Saroyan Theater.

“It’s so rewarding once you’ve learned all the pieces and you perform it. The harmonies are just so beautiful,” Leila Calvert said.