Week of Culture

ASB hosts their annual Multicultural Week, showcasing food, sports and more


Alli Wang

Junior Finn Albano and seniors Angela Lee and Hayley DeMello roll balls of clay for students to mold, mimicking Greek-style pottery.

Alli Wang, Aadyant Suresh, and Ava Stark

ASB’s Multicultural Week kicked off with Monday’s Equity Day in the quad, followed by cultural performances on Tuesday, and ending with a food fair on Friday.

Tuesday’s performances showcased dancers and singers, who took the quad stage for a short number. One particular performance featured “OMG” by NewJeans, one of K-pop’s currently popular songs.

Senior Angela Lee, who organized the cultural performances event, was a fan of the number because the dancers were able to showcase their backgrounds through music.

“I’m Korean, so I was really happy that they performed that,” she said. “It was really cool to see how K-pop came into American culture.”

Cultural games followed Wednesday, featuring soccer on the quad and escargot, a French-style hopscotch. The game got its name from the snail-shaped spiral of its look. The goal in the game is to hop on each square into the center square then back out again.

Thursday’s event showcased art from different cultures, including those from Greek mythology. Friday offered sweet treats from various countries around the world, additionally providing fun facts and information about that country.

Freshman Kyle Chieng, one of the organizers, said that it’s very important for students to understand the foods that correlate with cultures or regions.

“Food is a very big part of the culture,” he said. “When you think about a certain country or culture you associate it with a food or popular cuisine.”

Lee said that by engaging in these small activities a general cultural acceptance and recognition is gained.

“It felt like we were doing something very meaningful,” said Lee. “We were excited to spread that positivity and the appreciation of each other’s diversity throughout our entire campus.”