Bionic Valentine

Robotics club delivers Valentine’s grams for fundraising effort

Alli Wang, News Editor

College and Career Specialist Chen Liu receives her Valentine’s gram on Tuesday. (Alli)

From 3D-printed hearts to roses to key chains, Bionic Bruins and their robots delivered more than 160 Valentine’s Day grams to friends and significant others for its annual fundraising campaign.

The robotics club had collected orders from students and teachers for the past week during lunch with each order being able to have custom messages on it, raising over $600 for competitions and the club’s upcoming hackathon. The 3D-printing was done by members at home or in the engineering room.

Two robots helped deliver Valentine’s Grams from class to class, which they had also done during Halloween.

The B team’s captain Minchan Shin said that it took over 6 months to build the robot, going through multiple designs and finding effective ways and handles to ease transportation to classrooms.

Though the club had competed in a VEX Robotics competition this past weekend, so Shin Shin said he felt more pressure from organizing the fundraiser.

Although the club had done similar fundraising for Halloween, sophomore and robotics president Jin Cho said that this effort was more difficult due to customization of the 3D prints, as members could only start the printing process after they had collected the respective orders.

“I enjoy getting to see everyone’s reactions, especially my friends, to their deliveries because some people are completely caught by surprise,” Cho said. “Their excitement with each delivery really makes the whole thing worthwhile.”

Cho hopes to use the money to fund more robotics competitions and parts. This is in addition to the club’s district-wide hackathon on March 27 that the club is currently preparing.

Co-president Anvit Mishra acknowledged the expense the club has and highlights all the work done by members for the fundraiser.

“We’re able to create these really cool things and be able to make people’s day,” Mishra said.