Dance shuts down early

Principal cites unsafe behavior, injuries as reasons behind decision

Nolan Zils, Co Editor-in-Chief

Last year’s dance drew more than 800 students to the quad. The number was expected to be larger this year. (Sai)

Friday’s Week of Welcome Dance was abruptly shut down an hour early in what Principal Lindsay Schubert described in a message to parents as “unsafe behavior by some students.”

“I am very disappointed that some students made bad decisions that affected everyone,” she wrote.

The early shutdown of the dance at 9 p.m. was likely the first such occurrence in recent history, where some students in attendance said that they saw others getting hurt and thrown in the mosh pit. Others described students being pushed up against the fences and asking for help.

Though Schubert later told the Bear Witness that there were no serious injuries, she said that the decision was made in consideration of other students who were “feeling anxious and overwhelmed by the crowd.”

“While no one was in grave danger tonight, the behaviors that were happening could have led to that if we didn’t make the call to end the dance,” she said.

This year’s back to school dance in the quad echoed a similar beat to last year’s where officials saying students hurling water bottles at others, combined with the lack of social distancing reportedly made the environment unsafe for students.

We will follow up with this story in the next few days.

Editor’s note: The previous version of this story consisted of a section that described students getting thrown off the stage and ambulances arriving to the school. Since direct sources have confirmed this to be inaccurate, we have removed those pieces of information from the article.