Upside down side

The month in review

Reese Gardner, Student life editor

COVID resources finally come through

The recent delivery of masks and readily available testing have made it possible to weather the  latest omicron surge.

The masks, which have been supplied by the California Office of Emergency Services, are considered the gold standard for their ability to filter out particles smaller than 0.3 nanometers. This is welcome news as masks become optional in the coming weeks.

Waiting for Wordle

Students and staff are addicted to Wordle, the free phenomenon that more than 60 million worldwide play each day. The game allows each player six tries to guess the word, with every day having a new word, and only being able to play one round a day. Unlike other addictive games, you can only play once a day, preventing productivity to grind to a halt.

The upside is it allows students to have a 10 to 20 minute break from class, work, or even just a fun way to end the day.

The bad: You only play once. Give us more!

Falling behind due to COVID exposure

During the first two days back from break, the school saw over 100 calls of positive COVID cases.

Before quarantine rules changed, students had to still follow the 10 day quarantine protocols.

This changed Jan. 18, halving the isolation period to five days.

Still, the situation affected sports, which had to cancel practices amid positive covid cases and a lack of athletes.

At the height of the surge, teachers reported nearly half their classes absent.

Some teachers even modified their lesson plans to accommodate students who have to quarantine.