Weighing in on distance learning

Dominic Clima, Staff writer

Anthony Lenz, Sophomore
“I feel like it would be best for us to go into online learning while the Omicron is at its peak, and then as everyone who gets tested, we can go back to in person.”
Sam Arillo, Senior
“We should’ve went distance learning at least during the peak of the Omicron wave, and then come back once the wave calms down. It’s ultimately about the safety of others and lowering the spread of COVID.”

The omicron variant is fading and California and school officials are preparing in the near future of co-existing with COVID.

At its peak, more than 60% of readers in a Bear Witness survey of 440 readers suggested that the school should have conducted part of its classwork online.

Understandably, students and staff were mixed in their opinions.

“Being in person would be cool. I think everybody wants that, but everyone wants to be safe first,” said senior Drew Carter.

Others said that the drawbacks of being online outweigh the benefits, especially with the availability of vaccination — more than 80% of eligible Santa Clara residents are vaccinated against COVID.

Tyberious Slayton, Junior
“We should really go back to online learning. It’s a good thing to prioritize mental health but at the same time, it shouldn’t be at the risk of physical health.”
Anvit Mishra, Freshman
“I personally feel uncomfortable with in-person school since you’re surrounded by people who have been exposed, and it’s a bit terrifying that you’re more likely to get COVID when you’re trying to pursue an education.”

“I don’t think it’s worth going back online because of how it affects students as it makes a lot of people do worse in school,” said senior Nick Bozzo.

Studies have shown that wearing a N95 mask or wearing a cloth mask over a medical mask is most effective to protect one- self.

Though the calculus of the pandemic has changed, we asked students earlier about the school’s decision to keep schools open.

What should the school do in case of another surge?