Up side, down side

The month in review

Tae Yun (Erica) Kang, Managing Editor

Speaking out

Students took the initiative to use their platforms and spread the information about a walk out in protest of the CUHSD teachers’ pay cuts. The use of social media in this case shows how students were able to speak up.

In one situation, junior Angela LeDrew amassed more than 29,000 signatures to her Change.org petition in support of teachers. There were also high levels of participation, showing how students are feeling more free to express their personal opinions on topics. Emboldened students can cause ripples.

Not ready for finals

Half of the student population at Branham never took a high school final before this semester, since virtual learning and tests over Canvas were the norm.

Hoping to address it are Bruin2Bruin, the tutoring club that pairs students with their peers who took the class. Starting Dec. 13, they will be hosting review sessions in the College and Career Center Room. Though in-person learning has provided a welcome return to normal as much as possible, nothing beats the ability to finish a two-hour virtual final exam early, signing out and taking a nap before the next one begins.

Another bell schedule

Branham and other schools in the state next year have to adjust their schedules to accommodate for an 8:30 a.m. start time.

While this is good in theory, it means yet another change for students. Juniors especially will have gone through three schedules in three years.

The bell schedules almost guarantee that end times will stretch into 3 p.m. get closer to 4 p.m.

For the sake of our sanity, we hope that the schedule stays around longer than the other ones have.