Illuminate through


Audrey Nguyen/Bear Witness

Avishawd Yarisaied, Special to the Bear Witness

Your VOICE, your CHOICE, An eternal truth.

Catastrophic grievances cascading,
From the depth and outer edge.
Myriad injustices of my ancestors, as women tackled. The women of now,
Face to face.

Our world inhales attempting to digest a sea of grim,
A sea of revolting actions and words.
It fails.
The atrocious display my eyes witness and my ears glean, Leads to the world,


I speak up.

The world possesses a limit on life.
Asserting from the conventional direction we flow, we go, I don’t obey,
I march directly the other way.

I aim high towards hope,
Perforating the political ropes.
The patriarchy shall not overshadow the voices that must be heard.
We engage in a peaceful fight of verbiage.
We stomp on the inequity that has occurred,
And the inequity that is wanted for us to concur.

Our consolidated voices and actions will illuminate through.