‘I just want to be someone that I want to be’

Princely Molon junior who emigrated Cameroon

Maceo Inoue and Rei Kanda, Staff writer

Courtesy of Princely Molon

An average school day was like: I usually wake up at 3 a.m. in the morning and brush my teeth, arrange the house, sweep the house, wash the floor.
Take care of your little sisters and make them food and then go and drive your little brothers and sister to school. And then when you drop your little sister go to school. Come back and pick up your little sister to come by which you guys are at home. Make them food to eat for lunch and then do your assignments, whatever you want.

My mom is gonna cook in the evening and make some food, like just some rice and soup and some chicken and then after you go carry some water for you guys to have for the next day in the morning, rather than you to wake up at 2 in the morning to go fetch some water when you can do that in the same night. And then sleep, wake up again.

So basically just gonna keep repeating and repeating.

I wanna go back to my country and thank my family members who helped me out They keep motivating me every single day to do the high level that I can be in the future.

They keep saying that I should keep working and keep trying my best because they know that things are hard in America. American kids keep bullying people, just want me to keep staying at one percent and not want to keep focus on education.

My plans after high school would be; I want to go to a good school. I don’t care if I have bad grades, I don’t care if I go to a community college or university. I just want to become somebody that I want to be.

So basically just gonna keep repeating and repeating.