School closure cuts short senior’s final season


Jazzy Nguyen

Senior Courtney Martinez would have been in Las Vegas for her soccer showcase were it not for the shelter-in-place orders.

Ziv Galpaz, Staff Writer

Senior Courtney Martinez has been playing competitive club soccer all her life. If it weren’t for the shelter-in-place order, she would be in Las Vegas for an annual soccer showcase, one of her last, before leaving for college.

Martinez is among a group of seniors who are are in their last season of playing a sport they love, a time to have their last games and practices, and be with their team for the last time. For millions of athletes around the country, their season has been cut short.

“I never would have expected this,” Martinez said. “It really has been affecting me because playing soccer with my club team is my outlet.”

For many like Martinez, their sports careers end here, and to not get to end it in the way they would have liked is a difficult pill to swallow.

others who are in the process of college recruitment for sports, their recruitment season has been cut short, limiting their chances of committing to a college.

The National Collegiate Sports Association (NCSA) has suspended all in person recruiting till April 15, but with the recent school closures through May 1, they will likely push that date further back.