Clubs make space to de-stress

Andelina Miller , staff writer

Teens are taught that they need more than just good grades to get into their dream colleges. They are told to do as many clubs and extracurriculars as they can. Service clubs like National Honors Society and Key Club serve this purpose.

But the Uno, Spikeball and Film clubs are centered more around providing students with fun activities during school hours, rather than giving them an edge for college apps.

School, followed by post-high school plans, are the main sources of stress for teens, according to a survey American Psychological Association for the Stress in America. These clubs act as an outlet for students to focus on a group activity instead of their plans for the future.

Junior Hanson Nguyen, vice president of spikeball club, believes that these clubs help students destress. 

“Spikeball is a way to kind of destress from your rigorous classes and it just makes high school more enjoyable,” he said.

For students balancing classes, sports and extracurricular activities can be overwhelming, but clubs like Spikeball Club, Uno Club and Film connect club members with new people.

Patsy Fonkwo, the Co-President of Uno Club, said that she started the club because she and her friends played Uno at lunch and other people wanted to join. With that idea in mind, she and her friends thought it would be nice to have a space where a bunch of people could meet up and play Uno. 

“Uno club brings a strong sense of family to the Branham community,” she said. “The club unites groups that usually wouldn’t interact with each other if not for the club.”

At the end of Uno club meetings there is a championship game with the five to six members that won their first games. This game is played in the middle of the classroom and all members crowd around the table to root for the people who they want to win. The championship game creates a lot of energy as players face ups like getting an uno, and downs like having to draw four cards. Every other week at the meetings a new person is added to the Uno Club’s hall of fame. 

Nguyen also believes that Spikeball club brings something special to the Branham community “Spikeball gives people the opportunity to connect with each other through friendly competition, especially people who don’t know each other.”

On Fridays when the Spikeball Club plays in the quad, people are free to get in line and jump

Students play Spikeball at lunch.

into games, even if they don’t have a partner. Usually people who don’t have partners just pair up together and start a new game. 

Film Club holds meetings every other Thursday after school in which they screen a movie that they vote on, and then during later meetings they critique those films. In a recent meeting the members of the club voted on which movies they thought would win Oscars.

Katie Rae Wilson, president of the Film club, commented on her favorite part about the club.

 “My favorite part is sharing discussions with students about films,” said Wilson. “There have been multiple times where I’ve found myself conversing with others about a film and we get so into it. I love that connection film can make between people.”  

If you feel like Branham has no clubs that fit your interests or that there is a need in the Branham community for a new club, applications are due today so get on it!