Cross Country

Ryan Walters, Staff Writer

A few weeks into the 2019-20 school year, sports are getting into the midst of their seasons, including cross country, who have very promising teams this year, and coach Chris Jensen has big expectations for the cross country teams this year.
“Our hope this year is to qualify for state.” Jensen said, as the guys team missed going to the state championship by one spot last year.
The teams are off to a good start, showing that at the Lowell Invitational in San Francisco on September 7. However, there could be some possible setbacks for the run to states.
“The biggest possible setback has to be injury,” Jensen said, “At any given moment, someone could twist an ankle, pull a muscle, there just has to be somebody to fill in that spot when needed.”
The invitational scoreboard was led by senior Evan Franco, a runner, who at the Lowell Invitational, placed 18th in a group of the most polished runners in the Bay Area. Leif Bostrom was added to the coaching staff which Franco believes will help the team grow.
“You have to be able to adjust into any situation, whether it’s not one you are comfortable in,” Franco said.
Franco expressed his goals for his final season in high school, leaving as a well known runner in the community.
“My goals are to go to state, and also to have fun along the way,” Franco said, “It’s my final year, and I would like to enjoy it as much as possible.”
However, it’s not just the boys team that looks promising, the girls as well. Last year, both the girls and boys teams made the CCS (Central Coast Section) Championship. Junior runner Natalie Christenson expressed her feelings about the competition of opposing varsity runners and, just as Franco, talking about her goals for this year.
“Varsity runners are very tough competition, you really have to be at your best day in and day out,” Christenson said, “My personal goals for this year are to beat my own records, as for the team, I am hoping for big things.”