Homecoming decorators set the scenes for this week’s festivities


Fitz Vo

Junior Quinn Ruiz and decorating head puts some finishing touches on her homecoming decorations early Monday morning.

Meenakshi Iyer, Staff Writer

Homecoming week is a competitive week at Branham, with each class trying their hardest to beat the others.  Every year, a new theme is chosen by leadership students from each grade level, and this year’s theme is “road trip.”  Each class chooses a city, and the decor teams decorate posters with iconic elements from their city.

Freshmen chose Las Vegas. Their art includes replacing the words on the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign so they relate to Branham and their class. Freshman Tara Kaviani works passionately along with her decor team everyday after school to make the posters the best they can be.

“I know that it is a competition between the classes, and freshmen usually don’t really place highly,” said Kaviani. “I really wanted to see if I can add to that and maybe make a difference.”

While the freshmen raise their efforts to place in the competition, the sophomores take on New Orleans. Sophomores Alexa Rietz and Aoife Murphy are in charge of representing this city for their class. They’re including trumpeters, jazz singers, prominent characters in Mardi Gras, like the Mardi Gras Joker, and an area dedicated to the “Princess and the Frog”.  Rietz likes being able to contribute to the school through decor and enjoys the competitive aspects. 

“I really enjoy art, I really enjoy drawing. It’s also a good way to give back to the school. You’re doing something for the school.” Rietz said. “People enjoy it later on. And also because it’s a contest. I enjoy beating other people.”

The juniors chose New York City. They are incorporating aspects from New York City’s film industry in their artwork.

Decor head Quinn Ruiz planned the posters. 

“The aspect I’m most excited about is including King Kong on top of the Empire State Building,” Ruiz said.  

The seniors chose San Francisco. They have a storyline for their poster – there was an earthquake and prisoners escaped from Alcatraz. They’re including graffiti, some of which ties back to their previous years’ themes, as well as the famous tourist attractions of San Francisco. Senior Rebecca Haile and her team stay after school everyday to work on their posters, and do so in a cost-friendly way.  

“I’m trying to be very cost effective because the seniors have something special planned that we want to spend a lot of money on,” said Haile. 

Despite the time commitment and workload, the decor teams are excited for Homecoming.

Rietz said, “I feel like once it all comes together and we’re done, it’ll be worth it.”