PG&E: Procrastination Gas & Electric

Laura Heffernan, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Students aren’t the only ones who procrastinate.
Even though its known about it since December 2017, PG&E has yet to fix a utility pipe that has slowed down construction.
The problem was caused by a misplaced utility pipe. On PG&E maps, the pipe was shown to be three feet from where it actually is, meaning that construction workers were caught off-guard when they found this and could not set the foundation for one of the new buildings. On occasions that PG&E did make it to campus, this part of the problem was not addressed and no electricity was connected to the new buildings: Without electricity, the buildings cannot be inspected or moved into. What PG&E isn’t realizing is that this causes problems deeper than just a construction delay.
Teachers not being able to move in to the new buildings means that some of them have to stay in the portables, which were supposed to be transferred to Del Mar High School next year, but will instead remain at Branham. Cost is also an issue because since the school is keeping the portables longer, it also has to pay for them longer.
The delay in construction may cost the district. The $275 million Measure AA Bond’s purpose was to upgrade classroom safety and technology to promote a well-rounded education in the competitive Silicon Valley. This cannot happen with the PG&E delay.
One of the upgrades in the new buildings is classrooms with science labs. With science teachers having to stay in the portables longer, there is a possibility that some students may have to go four years without a proper science lab.
Going without a lab is already an issue, especially in the physiology classes. Because there are no sinks in the portables, the class isn’t able to do as many labs. When it came time for the class to dissect cow eyeballs, accomodations had to be made so the class could move into a classroom with sinks. Accomodations like these will also have to be made later in the year when the class dissects a pig.
The purpose of the bond was to promote a more well-rounded education and the current construction status is doing the opposite. Without a hands-on experience, some students are missing out on a valuable learning opportunity.
So far, the delay in construction has cost Branham about $606,000. The school isn’t to blame for the loss of money, PG&E is. There is nothing the school can do to make PG&E come to campus to fix the problem. Communication coming from the problem has been sub-par.The school doesn’t have the choice to turn to another company because PG&E is the only company that can deal with this problem.
The bottom line is that PG&E needs to realize that its delay is affecting students’ education. PG&E needs to realize that they are wasting the school’s money and time and actually do something about the problem, which seems like a simple fix.