Standardized test the Only way to measure students smarts

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Standardized test the Only way to measure students smarts

Chandler Roberts, Copy Editor

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There’s nothing better than a standardized test.

Standardized testing is the nuanced, inclusive tool that the U.S. school system needs. It is quite possibly flawless. After all, who doesn’t love studying hard and stressing out to their breaking point just to score well enough so that your school can keep its funding?

These tests allow funds to be distributed to the schools who really need it — the ones already wealthy enough to provide their students the resources to pass. There’s no need to improve schools with academic gaps when you can just give more funds to already high performing schools. Not everyone is equal in education, and making efforts to fix that divide just wouldn’t make any sense.

What’s important to consider is that if a school fails to improve drastically after not meeting quotas, they several things could happen including replacing most to all staff members, cutting ties from districts and becoming a charter school, or being controlled by government or private companies. Five strikes and your school is out. If they’re failing the students that badly then the answer is obviously to uproot that school system and start again from the ground up.

Standardized testing is not just reliable but also objective. Machine graders, programmed by people, made by people and used by people eliminate possible biases. The inflexibility of the test taking and rigidly set criteria of intelligence to determine aptitude encompass all student needs to fairly and equally access students.

Plus, there is no way that teachers could just feed answers to students, because they would have nothing to gain from loose lips, except higher likelihood of meeting quotas and earning more bonuses.

Most lucrative about this system though, is its efficiency. Just assess everyone at once, super simple! Flawless. To make it even simpler, just time the tests. If students weren’t stressed before, they sure will be now.

Testing students on other things would be too hard. Creativity, motivation, determination, etc. are always different between students, and how are we going to use that stuff in real life anyways?

Sure, after the implementation of standardized testing, the U.S. actually went down in the world from 18th place to 31st place in math and science test scores. And sure, the teaching of higher thinking skills are being replaced with a “teaching to test method” that won’t help students in any way in the future. But school is not about education, it’s about separating the strong from the weak.

Having one straightforward criteria for intelligence allows students to learn the important lesson that all skills, besides memorizing and test taking, are completely useless.