Athletes asked to visit peers’ sports games

Teams battle for prizes by attending each others games

Uzor Awuzie, Student Life Editor

Branham wants to see more participation from student athletes at each other’s games. The rules of the competition are simple: The teams that attend other teams’ winter sporting events the most this season will get to design their team’s uniforms for next school year.

A team of Leadership and student athletes created this competition to address low student attendance at sports events during these seasons, especially at sports such as girls soccer, a historically low-attendance sport.

Boys soccer kicked off the attendance competition between sports teams from the winter and spring seasons.The girls soccer team looked up as the boys soccer team stormed the bleachers, cheering them on as they worked through their 15th game of the season against Pioneer.

“I’ve noticed that not a lot of people go to like the girls soccer games or the badminton games,” said senior Angel Avalos, who plays for the varsity boys soccer team. “We just felt that everyone should have people cheering them on.”

Leadership uses an ID card scanner at sporting events to track the number of athletes that come for a designated sporting event during the winter and spring seasons.

So far, football is in the lead with 21 recorded attendees at Girls soccer, Baseball, and Wrestling. Boys soccer is right behind them with 19 attendees at Boys basketball and girls soccer, and Baseball is in third place with 14 total attendees.

According to Athletics Director Landon Jacobs, the new program just began during the winter sports season and is still working through preliminary hiccups such as awards.

“They’re still trying to figure out the best way to incentivize it and what prize they’re going to come up with,” Jacobs said. “The idea behind it is just to get more athletes supporting each other by going to their different games.”

Members of the baseball program often show their support to the boys basketball team by regularly attending their home games.

Senior Henry Wright, a varsity football, basketball and baseball player, believes being supported by other athletes serves as a confidence booster.

“That little bit of extra confidence is what makes each individual player and the game as a whole better while also raises the competition factor,” Wright said. “Because you want to win for your team as well as your own crowd.”

While the competition is still in the works, it is achieving its goal of boosting student attendance at games.“Having a lot of people supporting you at your game is definitely a game-changer,” said senior Jonathan Vo, a varsity boys basketball and volleyball player. “Being student-athletes at Branham, we are all a part of one big family, so we should support each other.”