On CASSPP, school scores well in English, low in math

Julianne Alvares , Opinion Editor

The CAASPP results for the 2017-18 school year have recently been released revealing that Branham score above average in both english language arts and math. Branham scored highest in the district in ELA, but ranked 3rd in math behind Leigh and Westmont.  CUHSD ranked 6th in the county for both ELA and math.

The state average for meeting or exceeding standards was 55.96 percent of students while Branham had 85.32 percent of students met or score above standards. The district score was 70 percent, down form
75 percent last year.

In math less than half of Branham’s students (46.85 percent) met or exceed standards. This was a trend district and statewide with 31.37 percent of students passing the exam statewide. The area that Branham students most struggled with was mathematical rules and ideas.

Only 64.23% percent of students meeting or exceeding standards. To combat these results Branham is instituting a required course in the College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) curriculum.