When every day is Halloween

Not content with Oct. 31 holiday, friends create 31 reasons to dress up


Julianne Alvares , Opinion Editor

For Kyla Masamori, Courtney Kaha’i, Genevieve Nemeth and Annette Mino the fun of dressing up extends beyond Hal-
loween. It lasts the entire month.

The tradition of being in costume every day was started by Masamori who had trouble deciding what at be for Halloween and didn’t want to just dress up for one or days.
“I’m indecisive and I didn’t want to pick one Halloween costume,” Masamori said. “So I was just
like, why not do 31.”

This year Kaha’i, Nemeth and Mino  decided to join. The planning for the month’s festivities began months in advance.

“We made a paper calendar and then attached to it all the things for the outfits we wanted to do,” said Kaha’i.

They also use a group chat to stay organized.  Some days they even show up to school at 7:30 do to hair and makeup. On Oct. 1, when Masamori was dressed as Jack Skellington and Kaha’i as Sally from “The Nightmare Be-
fore Christmas,” they woke up their earliest, at 6:00 a.m., to get ready. Coming up with 31 costume ideas is no
small feat so the group draws on their own interests for inspiration.
“We go by popular childhood TV shows, popular books, kinds of things we all like together,“ Nemeth said.

For Kaha’i there is joy in being able to dress up every day.
“I’m very fandom oriented so having to dress up every day of the month is very enjoyable for me,” she said. “It’s like semi-cosplaying every day.”

Thirty-one days in and the costumes have ranged from “Harry Potter” to the “Fairly Oddparents” and everything in-between. The tradition allows them to step into the lives of their characters.
“We always take a picture of our costumes at the end of the day,” said Mino, “and it’s really fun to plan your pose and go and just be your character for a second.”

The tradition has also brought the friends closer.

“I like doing it because it makes me feel closer to my friends,” Nemeth said. “It also makes a lot more memories.”

Nemeth encourages others to participate in the fun and not care about seeming odd or weird to others who don’t dress up.
“If you honestly think this is a great idea and you are inspired just go out and do it,” she said. “It’s not just our thing. Don’t worry about what other people are going to think about it.”