Inktober helps artists draw on inspiration

Jessica Berton, Staff Writer

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In the spirit of Halloween, students at Branham have participated in Inktober throughout the month. Every day of October is dedicated to a one-word prompt that the artist is encouraged to use as inspiration for the illustration.

Jake Parker, a comics short-story creator, started Inktober in 2009 as a challenge to himself and others. Thousands of artists participate in Inktober to be part of a challenge to improve drawing skills and good drawing habits. Some have trouble keeping up on a day to day basis but post a collage of many drawings to stay up to date.

“[I don’t find it hard to keep up], given that I draw in class all the time,” said junior Maggie Erez, “I start by trying the first thing that pops into my brainy hole, and if that doesn’t work, I try to think of something else for inspiration.”

Inspiration can be drawn from other artists from social media. Most artists who participate post their rt on their Instagram account for others to enjoy online.

The reason Junior Emily Datta post her artwork on social media is that she wants to display them and be able to find other artists on Instagram and on other social media to appreciate her work.

“I started in October initially because I felt like I didn’t draw enough and I just kind of needed something to have me draw every day…the reason I did it is that I want to try every day and improve,” said Emily.

Many artists also make their own prompts independent from Parker that is also used by others.

“[I’m doing] Inktober, Monstober and Spooktober prompts.” said Senior Kyra Bourchereau, “I wanted to challenge myself to see how many I could do this month.”

When drawing, Bourchereau usually thinks about connecting the prompt to something likable and usually, the first idea is the one she goes with.

“I get to practice doing my inks because I’m not the best at it. It’s fun, I love it.”