Crafting a Business

Juniors earn some side money by creating, selling custom apparel and jewelry

Shlok Gore, Science and Tech Editor

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Juniors Henry Buck and Danny Inclan are apparel entrepreneurs, earning a small profit with their side businesses – Buck with Atomic Clothing Brand, and Inclan with Luna Bracelets.

Buck started his apparel company in March, but his interest in entrepreneurship started in middle school, where ran a business upgrading Kendama toys. He was also interested in clothing from independent suppliers, and had wanted to start his own.

“I’ve also had an interest in business and entrepreneurship, so it seemed like a perfect union of the two,” said Buck.

Atomic, has sold over 25 T-shirts that sell for $20 each. They blend photographs with animated images, making for a colorful and vibrant palette. Popular brands serve as inspirations to Buck as he designs his apparel.

“Other lines, older ones like The Hundreds, and newer ones that are emerging, such as Chinatown Market give me some ideas when I design my own stuff,” he said.  

Atomic’s tees are printed in a San Jose screen printing shop where Buck works.

“I want to keep the business local,” he said.

Like Atomic Clothing Brand, a majority of Luna Bracelets’ customers attend Branham. At $7, the bracelets have been an easy sell. He’s getting positive feedback from those who’ve purchased them.

“People tell me they like the colors and all the variations that are possible for the bracelets,” he said.

Inclan hand assembles the bracelets at home to provide a personal touch.

Inclan said Luna has sold more than 70 bracelets since he started selling in the spring.

Buck said that he wants to see where his small business will take him, but he sees potential in it.

“A lot of people like clothing and businesses, but not a lot of people are trying to start a business or clothing line,” said Buck, “It’s just for fun, and people like seeing progress in the brand, and they like to see the brand grow.”