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Trump’s spite shows in fight against state

President has an immigration problem, and a lawsuit won't help

Sydney Uyeda, Staff Writer

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President Donald Trump is not big on immigration. That’s no secret.

From suggesting a wall being built on the Mexican-American border to strengthening immigration laws, Trump has clearly expressed his disapproval of immigrants.

However, he took his negligence to the next level earlier this month when he filed a lawsuit against California, merely because of their “sanctuary state” laws. These laws, which were revised back in 2017, protect undocumented immigrants and were put into action on Jan. 1, in order to attempt to reverse Trump’s immigration laws.

Trump’s decision to sue California merely based on their sanctuary laws is unjustified.

The lawsuit was ignited when Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf warned immigrants that the federal government was going to have ICE raids, where they would send authorities out to obtain illegal immigrants and arrest them.

She believed she had every right to inform the public, telling the Washington Times: “I did not give specific information that could have endangered law enforcement. […] I encouraged people to not panic but to know their rights, to know their responsibilities, and to know about the unique resources that are available in this community.”

President Trump was agitated to hear this news and, along with his administration, filed a lawsuit against the state, directing it against Gov. Jerry Brown, along with attorney general Xavier Becerra.

Trump has no qualified reason to sue California. The laws are only intended to help and provide services for immigrants and to educate them on their rights. It is explicitly stated that California will not give immigrants invincibility against the authorities, that it is not “a blanket protection from authorities,” according to the official law.

What Schaaf did was issue a warning, not a protection against immigrants. She was warning them of incoming chances of deportation, and she wanted them to know their rights as human beings and as immigrants so they know their rights if they were to become detained and taken to court.

Trump has never been a fan of immigrants, and suing a state because of their sanctuary laws is not going to fix his immigration problem.


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Trump’s spite shows in fight against state