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Inclusive contest still draws only guys

¨Mr. Branham¨ changed to ¨Bruin Beauties¨ in order to make everyone feel included.

Senior Dylan Moore is seen tossing his jacket into the croud at this year´s Bruin Beauties in hopes to woo the croud.

Senior Dylan Moore is seen tossing his jacket into the croud at this year´s Bruin Beauties in hopes to woo the croud.

Taylor Susewitz

Taylor Susewitz

Senior Dylan Moore is seen tossing his jacket into the croud at this year´s Bruin Beauties in hopes to woo the croud.

Taylor Susewitz, Science & Tech Editor

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Mr. Branham has been one of the most recognizable events in the past few years. It wasn’t until this school year that the name was changed to Bruin Beauties to become a more inclusive event, as opposed to limiting itself to only male students.

Choreographer of this year’s Bruin Beauties and junior Kylie Delaney was able to provide some information as to why this change had occurred.

“Though the name was originally Mr. Branham, we wanted the event to be inclusive to all genders and what people identified as.”

So what might this mean for the Branham community? According to Delaney, “We try to make all events inclusive and available to all students. In leadership, we are trying to eliminate or modify events so they can be all-inclusive.”

This small change was done in hopes of progressing towards equality throughout the Branham community, as well as to evoke feelings of acceptance and inclusion.

Senior co-hostess of this year’s Bruin Beauties Bella DiMaggio supported the change of the infamous title. The change was done to reduce the limits for those who could participate.

“We just wanted it to be more inclusive to everyone, because people see ‘Mr. Branham’ and think, ‘oh, I have to be a male to participate in this event,’ but we wanted it to include everyone if they wanted to do it. We didn’t want to limit anybody.”

Although the name change didn’t seem to attract any girls in this year’s Bruin Beauties, co-hostess and senior Helen Nguyen has high hopes for years to come. “Since this is the first year we’ve changed the name, I feel like girls weren’t really up for doing it, but if we continue it for a few more years then that will change.”

Leadership adviser Christina Hillman seconded this decision, claiming that the Leadership crew intends to expand Branham’s events to be as inclusive as they can possibly be.

“We just wanted to encourage participation and make everyone feel like they were included.”

The adviser was very proud of this year’s Bruin Beauties, though the timing of the show itself was a bit off for the attendees. Hillman believes that “there’s always room for improvement,” as she continuously views things with a growth mindset.

This year’s Bruin Beauties was quite a fun-filled evening for the showgoers. Participants from all grade levels participated, demonstrating their hobbies, talents and even speaking out about which charities they would donate to if they won and why. This year’s Bruin Beauty victors included seniors Kunal Dutta and Shaya Zarkub in first and second place, as well as sophomore Joel Silva coming in third. The participants also had the opportunity to speak out about what they thought was important in the beginning of the second half.

Senior Paul Smith spoke out about wildlife on Earth, stating that, “The biggest thing that we forget is that we are not the only species on this planet.” Junior Troy Pesavento educated the audience on cancer and its effects.

“Cancer affects everyone,” Pesavento said. “And I thought it was extremely important to share and to spread awareness.”

It is evident that the name change from Mr. Branham to Bruin Beauties was done to encourage participation, and those involved hope to spread equal opportunities for years to come.

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Inclusive contest still draws only guys