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Bit of Hollywood at Best Buddies Dance

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Bit of Hollywood at Best Buddies Dance

Julia Marques da Silva, In-Depth Editor

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While many of the students are preparing for upcoming events, the Best Buddies program at Branham are preparing for their Best Buddies Prom. The event is going to be held on Apr. 6 in a banquet hall at Three Flames restaurant. For a lot of the students involved, they are looking forward for the exciting night, and for some, the highlight of their school year.

Best Buddies is a club that helps integrate students with intellectual or developmental disabilities with general ed student by creating one-to-one friendships.

Best Buddies Club secretary and junior Nicole Sweeney says that the night will include walking down a red carpet, eating delicious food, taking photos in the photo booth, and dancing all night long. This year, the club has planned a Hollywood themed prom for their buddies and look forward to making new memories with other buddies from different schools.

Best buddy club member Sabrina Staskal, senior, has been to the Best Buddies prom before in previous years. She recalls making new friends and bonding with them during the dance.

“It’s been really fun to be with all of my friends and dancing with them, talking to them about a lot of stuff,” said Staskal.

Staskal also recalls memories of getting new buddies every year and being able to slow dance with her date from the years she has gone. For this year, she is mainly looking forward to dancing. Senior Jerry Mora reminiscences his previous years attending Best Buddies as a fun experience as well. Mora looks forward to every aspect of the prom and spending some time with his friends.

But for many of the volunteers going to the dance, most are excited to bond with their buddy and meet other people who attending from different schools in the district. Similarly to the club’s goal of being able to include all different types of people, some of the best parts of the dance is that all of the people who come are included in every aspect of the dance, according to Sweeney, who recalled a buddy from last year who said that the dance was the best night of his life.

“Hearing those things really emphasize how important every student deserves the opportunity to experience high school and all the amazing things that come with it, like prom night,” said Sweeney.

Just like the other dances at Branham, the Best Buddies Prom is a way to join people together, make new friends, and simply have fun. The Best Buddies Club has opened this dance to anyone who wants to attend, even if they aren’t involved in the club, to ensure that they can have as many people participating in this event. But the volunteers are looking forward to seeing their buddies enjoy the dance the most.

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Bit of Hollywood at Best Buddies Dance