Wearing their pride

Students wear badges, pins to express LGBTQ+ identities

Michaela Edlin, Managing Editor

     Pride, fashion and drag are all ways that LGBTQ+ people have expressed themselves within a primarily cisgender, heterosexual society and this same idea has been expanded to attachable fashion.

For teenagers, customizing items with stickers, patches and pins is common, however this is especially true for queer students who don ecuchremants that express their identities.

“I like to express my support and identity through decorating with stickers,” junior Ten Sanchez said. His water bottle is adorned with pride stickers.

He also finds solace in general personalization of his items. He bought a jacket solely for the purpose of decorating it with patches.

Senior Jamie Merriam has done the same by filling up a backpack completely with pins.

“I can’t do a lot about how I look, but I can change how my backpack looks,” Merriam said, in reference to why they started to fill the backpack with pins and also the fact that, “I did it in protest of my mom, who had been homophobic.”

“The punks were very queer,” Merriam said, siting the punk movement as the origin for the current D.I.Y. movement taking off in LGBTQ+ circles.

Merriam has bought some of their pins online, but has made most of them, like the pronoun pin while others were gathered at events and from campaigns.

Because most retailers don’t have pronoun, pride or any other queer related pins, patches or stickers, most people either make them on their own or buy them on online retailers with individual sellers like eBay and Etsy. Stores like Hot Topic and recently Target have carried such adornments in store.

Allies have also picked up on this movement, like senior Caroline Ware. Everyday she brings her Hydro flask to school with a sticker that says, “Black lives matter, trans lives matter and queer lives matter.”

“It’s a way to show support,” Ware said.