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What athletes are listening to, pregame style

Taylor Susewitz, Science & Tech Editor

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One of the most popular methods of warming up before a game being music, builds up self-assurance, whether it be along or with the team. It’s what builds up the hype and adrenaline. It sets the mood for not only the home team, but their opponent.


Childish Gambino
Kirstin Demarquez,11:
Even though we play it
all the time, it still has
a positive effect on our
performance like all
music does.


Charlie Puth
Twisha Sharma, 10: It’s
mainly because of the
tempo and I really like
the entire genre it falls

Girl’s Basketball

“Super Bass”
Nicki Minaj
Riya Kapoor, 11: It’s
just a super fun song,
plus we all know the
lyrics word for word so
it makes it really fun, it
makes us lighten up.


“Fly Me to the
Frank Sinatra
Gabreel Burrows, 11:
The super soft vibes
completely relaxes me
especially if I’m super
nervous before a meet”

— Compiled by
Taylor Susewitz

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