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Photo club puts passion into focus

Uzor Awuzie, Student Life Editor

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About 6 meetings in the Photography Club made its debut as a friendly place for those looking to expand and share their passion for photography.

Club president, Junior Gina Aboul-Hosn originally began the Photography Club out of her love for photography, an interest she shared along with her friends. She stated that her passion allows her to see things in a different perspective, which is what sparked her desire to share her interests with others.

“Its my place where I can shoot photos, edit them, and stay sane and happy.” Aboul-Hosn said.

The club now thrives with around ten to forty consistent members, and takes place in History teacher Tania Eaton’s classroom every other Thursday.

Together, the club officers use their skills and experience as an opportunity to educate students who aim to broaden their knowledge in visual arts.

Each meeting covers a different aspect of photography, lead by each of their leaders. Though they plan to cover more in the future, their main focus lies currently in portrait photography and urban photography.

“The digital photo class here seemed like it was teaching more basic level photography, when our goals go more into how to work on your style of photography,” said junior and club secretary Avi Aroroa. Aroroa believes the club serves as an alternative to a photography class; while the class is based off of a curriculum that touches the basic techniques of photo taking, the club aims to knuckle down on the various styles that make up the subject. Aroroa specializes in urban photography, where he has already lead multiple meetings to teach club members his procedure for the perfect “city life” photo.

The club even plans to take their lectures further into the surface by setting up field trips that give them chances to put their experience to the test and capture their most satisfactory photos. Then, as a group, they can critique each others’ photos and share their opinions.

“A lot of individuals have come up and talk to us and asked us to come shoot with them and we can definitely see improvement in their work,” said Junior Abby Lang, the club’s vice president. Lang, a model herself, specializes in portrait photography, an area in which she plans to develop more and hopes to teach.

Being in its first year, the club holds plenty of potential for the future. As their ideas progress, it transforms into more and more opportunities for aspiring photography fanatics to learn the craft, share their projects and critique their skills, all to achieve the perfect snapshot.

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Photo club puts passion into focus