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Local Mystery on big screen

Horror movie detailing origins of Winchester Mystery House to be released in February

Taylor Susewitz, Science and Tech Editor

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The Winchester Mystery House has been a place visited by many from across the United States. Being in San Jose, it is a place we locals should visit at least once in our lifetime, for it is so seeped in mysterious lore and history.

Soon enough, in early February of 2018, the history will be brought to the 45 by 50 foot screens via a horror film. Written by Tom Vaughan, and directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, the film outlines the entirety of the legend of Sarah Winchester and the hauntings of the Winchester rifle.

Prompted by true events, the movie takes on the bringing-to-life of the house that knows no ends. Originally an eight-room farmhouse sitting atop 44 acres of land in 1881, and expanded to 160 rooms by 1906, the house was purchased by Sarah Winchester after the death of her husband William Wirt Winchester.

Legend says Sarah Winchester continued the construction of the house in hopes of driving away and confusing the malicious spirits of the ghosts that might haunt her otherwise. Her husband and his creation of the Winchester rifle had sparked the hauntings in the first place. After visiting a medium to cope with the depression inflicted by the deaths of her husband and newborn, she began expanding her house.

Junior Ten Sanchez, a relatively enthusiastic fan of the Mystery House and frequent visitor of it, is excited to see the film on the big screen in February, and was also able to provide some rather interesting points about the filming of “Winchester.”

“They filmed in the house for only three days,” said Sanchez. “Only a handful were filmed in the actual house, which is still cool but at the same time, in a way, deflates the balloon of excitement built up around the film.”

When the subject of San Jose finally being recognized through something we’re all familiar with and are intrigued by as a whole, Sanchez provided some thought-provoking insight.

“It should be really cool to see a film that’s based off of a gem of our area,” Sanchez said. “San Jose doesn’t get much recognition as it is, so to have a movie revolving around such a historic piece of it makes it even more compelling.”

It appears as though the Mystery House is viewed in similar perspectives, particularly when it comes to the rich history within it, as well as the overall experience of going.

Junior Kirstin DeMarquez, an individual not entirely familiar with the film being released revolving around the House, was pleasantly surprised to have been informed about it.

“That’s super cool,” Demarquez said. “It’s good to see that they’re taking something that is a part of our community’s history and turning it into something as awesome as a movie.”

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Local Mystery on big screen