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Athletes toughen up for winter training

Vacationing teammates, cold weather bumper hamper practice schedule during two-week break

Atticus Ahearn, Student Life Editor

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Most students rejoice in the holiday season with leisurely breaks from school. If you’re in a winter sport, you don’t get such a break. Not only do they’re out in the fields and courts in cold weather, they also fight low attendance during practice.

This month, temperatures are predicted to barely reach the 60s on most days. The cold alone stiffens muscles and chatters teeth, but rainy days are extremely tough – especially for soccer.

“It pours. Fields will be flooded,” said sophomore Emma Hernandez, who is on the JV soccer team.

Several other players agreed with her, expressing angst over the biting cold as well as the lack of proper attire provided to keep warm.

Cold weather is not as prevalent for the wrestling and basketball teams, who mostly practice indoors; wrestling was more concerned with the lack of attendance due to conflicting holiday plans. Over Thanksgiving break, less than half of the team showed up for practice which limited what they were able to accomplish.

“We lift and then just work on basic throws, but we can’t get into the actual fighting as much without the whole team,” said senior Hunter Miramontes.

Minimal attendance is largely due to family vacations and celebrations during this time of the year. Some athletes don’t think it’s a big problem.

“We just text coach when we’ll be gone and he’s pretty reasonable about it,” said Darren Kim, a sophomore on the JV basketball team.

That’s not to say that practice is not important, he said.

“I’ve only missed a few practices and one pre-season game, so it hasn’t affected my playing time or bonds at all.”

In comparison to fall and spring sports, it is much more difficult to schedule practices for wrestling, soccer, and basketball even though they still have scrimmages and games. Holidays and holidays eve justify days off  practice.

“Some teams will practice over the break and they’ll be better, and some teams won’t because who wants to practice over break?” said Rebecca Young, a sophomore on the JV soccer team. She agreed that more training would improve their skill.

Despite everything that threatens the success of Branham winter athletes, passion for their sport drives them to work even harder and overcome every obstacle.

“We practice when it pours,” said Kayla Tutton, a sophomore on the JV soccer team.

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Athletes toughen up for winter training