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Students who thrift value unique looks, but patience is key in shopping for threads

Taylor Susewitz, Science and Tech Editor

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Are the best things in life are free, or recycled?

Students who “thrift” popular stores like Savers, Goodwill and Crossroads may have the answer to this question.

In looking for a bargain or discovering a new article of clothing, student thrifters value the rarity of a piece that can make a bold statement.

Junior Sienna Solorzano, a frequent visitor of thrift shops in Santa Cruz, gave a few tips on what to look for when browsing the aisles.

“When I go thrifting, I normally check out the men’s section first because that’s where all the good stuff is,” Solorzano said. “Afterwards, I’ll see the women’s section just to see what’s there.”

Though this is only the first step of the thrifting process, there’s a certain mindset one must have when strolling the stores, as well as possessing the most essential trait of all: patience.

“You don’t usually find something right away, but that’s the beauty of it,” Solorzano said. “You have to search for things because it’s worth it when you finally find something cool. It’s fun, but sometimes it can be irritating because you don’t always find things you like.”

It appears as though thrifters have similar techniques, like beginning in the men’s section.

“It’s always got the best stuff for sure,” said junior Rose Gipstein in reference to the men’s section. “I usually just go for baggy sweatshirts, vintage or goth-ish clothing. I rarely ever buy clothing from the women’s section.”

When asked why thrifting has become a hobby, Gipstein said it gives her the ability to stand out.

“It allows for me to dress uniquely,” she said, “I know that nobody will have the same clothes as me and I like that feeling.”

Junior Ten Sanchez, another frequent visitor of thrift stores, doesn’t believe there is a method while shopping for recycled items. However, when he does, he aspires to find things he knows no one else will recognize.

“I always try to find things I know nobody else has,” Sanchez said. “I think it’s cool to have something unique, no one else can have it and when you make it your own, it’s even more special.”

Sanchez frequently visits thrift stores to find materials for crafts, like blankets or individualistic articles of clothing.

Gipstein also mentioned that it’s beneficial to the environment, since it is essentially recycling. It’s better to reuse clothing as opposed to blindly throwing them away. If you are looking to get rid of clothing, it is highly encouraged that you collect the things you don’t want, toss them in a bag and deliver them to your local thrift store.

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Students who thrift value unique looks, but patience is key in shopping for threads