Simpler styles such as Vans and Old Navy are popular among teens

Ryan McCarthy, Sports Editor

When many people choose to open up their memories and look back at their high school experiences, many instances regarding their favorite shops, restaurants and clothes will come to mind faster than anything else.

As it turns out, when many students at Branham choose to open their memories sometime in the near or distant future, they will likely be looking back at the same things that satisfied their interests.

Among these interests are the students’ favorites in shoes, as most are attracted to the same brands. Lifestyle-oriented shoes are perennial favorites at Branham, as Nike SB, Converse, Adidas and Vans have stood out as the preferred choices in apparel, shoes and accessories. Junior Sasha Mariniuk is one of the many students that are attracted to Vans clothing and shoes. He points out the simplicity in their style, as well as their variation in color and model choices, as his deciding factor.

“I like the simplicity of Vans and the variety of colors they offer,” Mariniuk says. “They work well with other ideas of clothing, which helps when choosing what to wear.”

As high school students working with low budgets when dining out, fast food restaurants, specifically those serving comfort foods like cheeseburgers and milkshakes. Five Guys Burgers and Fries fits the bill, both in service and price.

Students like Junior Troy Pesavento enjoy Five Guys, as he cites their freshness and quality of service as the critical element of his choice.

“The people there are kind and welcoming, they take care of your order like it’s their own,” Pesavento says. “I also like their free peanuts, which is another bonus of the restaurant.”

When it comes to shopping, students generally stick to one-stop shopping locations. Target, Costco, and Old Navy serve as stores with a wide variety of choices for clothes, shoes, and other accessories that students prefer to display. Junior Isabela Dumo enjoys going to Old Navy, one of her favorites for clothes, shoes, and especially sleepwear.

“Old Navy is my favorite store for pajama pants because the comfort they provide is top-class,” Dumo says. “I like Old Navy for other stuff; I’ve been there six times in the past month, but their pajamas is what keeps me going back.”

For Branham students, some styles come and go, but the simpler looks many students sport may stand the test of time.