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Poll finds push to conform to gender norms

Shams Mohammed, Staff Writer

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Have you ever been catcalled? Do you feel you are judged based on your appearance? Do you feel like you are judged on your gender alone? These are all questions Tania Eaton’s U.S. History classes used to help their assigned history project in which they were asked: What is the price of progress? A wide range of topics were covered, and two groups sent out a survey via SchoolLoop. The surveys combined had over 270 participants and asked questions the students could relate to.

The students submitted their responses anonymously.

A few questions among the surveys were in regards to gender stereotypes. Although the stereotypes placed on males and females are slowly beginning to dissolve, they still exist vividly among many people. 85% of students said that different genders have different expectations.

“At the end of the day, both genders suffer from ideal body images surrounding us in society,” said one respondent. “Girls are expected to act ‘like girls’ and boys are supposed to be ‘manly.’”

44 percent of students surveyed said that they had been catcalled, or received aggressive and overtly sexual comments from strangers. Among the respondents, 67 percent said they find it offensive, while the rest don’t.

“[It] depends on the situation whether it is a joke with a friend or a random girl on the street,” said one student.

Many people find catcalling embarrassing and invasive, although others view it as a mere compliment.  

Another topic that the surveys covered was the amount of sleep students get. More than 60 percent of students say that they don’t feel well-rested, and 77 percent added that their school schedule is affected by the amount of homework they receive. Teenagers on average need about nine hours of sleep to function optimally; however, the average number that teens get is seven hours. The lack of sleep has a big impact on the student’s memory and mood. When less sleep is gotten, the person becomes easily irritability and stresses in the result of smaller things. The survey also touched on homework, showing that 65 percent of students believe they are given too much homework. Students are receiving as much as three times the recommended amount of homework which can lead to feeling overwhelmed, according to CNN.

With all the homework, extracurricular activities, and projects students have to throw in their daily lives, it can make them feel stressed. Over 80 percent of students feel stressed from school alone. The pressure bleeds into other parts of their life, which would be difficult to control after the matter. Overall, the surveys allowed the student body to see the difficulties many seem to experience in school. While it may take time, this is a step closer to helping find a solution to these problems.

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Poll finds push to conform to gender norms