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A spooky spectacle

Choir, dance show a unique pairing

Mahta Delshad, Copy Editor

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The dance and choir classes at Branham have prepared for a Halloween themed collaboration performance, which took place on Oct. 26 at 7 p.m. in the PAC.

The dance and choir class collaborated in order to make a show for the Halloween season.

There were four pieces to the show, each with a Halloween theme: a jazz piece, an improv, a ballroom fusion and a ballet fusion.

Dance teacher Eileen Bertron prepared her students for the show for about a month, practicing with her students during her fifth period class.

“The costumes were fantastic,¨ Bertron said. ¨They’re all black, with a white face and black eyes and red lipstick.”

Barbara West, the choir teacher, was unable to teach due to a shoulder injury. Because of this, leaders in the choir class, supervised by a substitute teacher, attempted to teach themselves the songs that were performed at the show while West was unable to do so.

“From time to time, there was someone who came in and helped them, someone who was qualified for choir,” said Bertron.

Dance and choir students continued to work hard to get ready for the show that was performed five days before Halloween.

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A spooky spectacle