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Week of games up in smoke

North Bay fires force cancellations and hurting playoff chances for some sports

Bianca Medina, Photo Editor

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For one week, the recent North Bay fires wreaked havoc on Branham sports, canceling games and practices. The soot and smog also affected students with asthma and other breathing conditions.

Field Hockey’s October match against University in San Francisco was cancelled as well as all practices Oct. 9 to 15.

“It was hard as a team because when we don’t have practice it mentally throws us off,”said senior Sam Esparza. “Especially if we are not able to practice the day before a game.”

Cross country’s Montgomery Hills meet and Toro Park Invitational meet even after two weeks off for conditioning. This was a letdown for standout runner senior Sarah MacGregor.

“The Thursday meet would have been the seniors’ last league meet so it would have been the seniors’ last time running our league course,” MacGregor said. “The Saturday meet is would have been where CCS would be so it was unfortunate we won’t get the opportunity to run it beforehand.”

The coaches were disappointed but of course we all wanted to keep in mind those who were affected by the fires.

Though girls volleyball plays indoors, their Oct. 12 match against Willow Glen was canceled as was their Del Mar tournament two days later. The game against Willow Glen was especially critical, as Willow Glen was undefeated.

“Our coaches were a bit stressed and the whole team was depressed due to trying to reschedule it.” said junior Ava Schroeder. “It was our most important game because we are co-league champs.”

Girls Tennis faced only one game cancellation on Oct. 12 against Andrew Hill and a practice cancellation the next day.

“It did not give us a chance to play Andrew Hill again as well as not giving us enough practice for our next game against Pioneer.” said junior Katrynah Broer. “Coach Will Wiseman was not satisfied because the team had a ‘no contest’ game instead, making us unprepared.”

They prepared for their game against Leland with a high intensity due to the fact that Leland was undefeated; the game was cancelled on 10/13. Practice on 10/12 and 10/14 had also been cancelled.

“It really upset everyone on the team on how hard we have been working.” said senior CJ Colette. “The coaches were not happy about it but they pushed us to prepare for the 10/20 Silver Creek game, which resulted in a win putting our team 3rd in league

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Week of games up in smoke