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With band, senior gets taste of stardom

Get Married has been on the road and gaining a loyal following

Atticus Ahearn, Student Life Editor

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Senior Dylan Moore is living the musician’s life, touring and playing with his band Get Married; but that almost didn’t happen.

When he was seven, Moore received his First Act drum set. But before he even sat down to play, his sister interfered.

“My sister took an action figure and stabbed the head; so I had to go buy a new one,” he said.

That almost-traumatic event did not discourage him from drumming. Five years later, he picked up the bass guitar, and then went electric. He even sang many years in choir which prepared him for backup vocals and harmonies.

Dylan is not the only Moore with musical talent. His older brother – Randy “Bones” Moore – is the one who first began playing lead guitar for Get Married. Their music is California rock, and  they sound like a cross between Weezer and the Beach Boys.

“We started off three years ago as an Elvis cover band at a Halloween party,” Moore said. “I was very young so I wasn’t able to be a full part of the band. I would fill in (for drums) and I played guitar for a little while.”

Now that he has been drumming with the band full-time for about a year, Moore is settling into his groove as its youngest member.

His favorite song from their EP “Into the Cosmos” is “Kingpin,” but his favorite song to play is “Grenadine” from their other EP, “Four Songs.”

“It’s very fast paced and everybody just goes wild when we play (it),” he said.

In February, the band embarked on a West Coast tour from Seattle to San Diego. The band plays in venues as intimate as coffee shops and bars to full-sized arenas like The Catalyst in Santa Cruz.

Planning and booking dates for shows and tours are done without an outside manager. Lead singer Jaake Margo takes on this role.

“We’re like a DIY band,” Moore said. “(Margo’s) been in bands for his whole life so he has a lot of connections.”

Outside of the band, Moore is a normal high school student. In his free time, he likes to play video games and read comics.

As for school, he said that late-night shows often make him tired the following day, though they don’t interfere with his schooling in general.

“I think I have a good balance between music and education,” he said.

This is good news for fans of Get Married who rely on Dylan and his bandmates to entertain and overwhelm the crowd at every show. One of their most recent performances was at Moore’s favorite location: Programme Skate and Sound in Fullerton, Calif.

“We’ve played there multiple times and it’s always just a good crowd,” he says.

Get Married is signed to Wiretap Records and has recorded demos for a new album that will be released in 2018.

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With band, senior gets taste of stardom