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Science Briefs:

Nobel chemistry prize awarded for microscopic tech advancements

Joachim Frank, Jacques Dubochet and Richard Henderson were named as the recipients of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry this past month. Their achievement in developing microscopic technology allows scientists to see a biological molecular process that they have never been able to see before. Researchers from all over the globe participated in this experiment and enabled the public to see a process never before seen.

“Ripple” effects of 2011 Japan earthquake on west coast marine life

Back in 2011, Japan had a devastating earthquake that dragged some non-native species to the US shores via waves of plastic in the ocean. According to the Mercury News, “Nearly 300 species of marine animals, clinging to man-made tsunami debris, arrived — alive — on shorelines in northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii between 2012 and 2017.” Marine biologists have been able to study species native to Japan’s shores, species that America’s coasts have never seen.

New studies in mother’s brains when their babies cry

A new study that shows what goes through a mother’s mind when her baby begins to cry. The study has helped develop an understanding of a mother’s relationship with her baby. The study showed that the typical motherly signs went through the mother’s brain during an MRI as the mother picked up the crying baby. Movement, caregiving and speech were found as the top three signs during the MRI scans that took place over 11 countries. First-time mothers were also scanned, along with mothers from China who had experience with babies before. Both tests showed that the crying provoked caregiving in the mother’s brains, forcing their bodies to move, speak, and cradle the crying baby.

Tech Bytes:

Zuckerberg’s Facebook joins virtual reality industry

Facebook has released a new virtual reality (VR) system, which does not require a player’s cell phone or laptop. The new headset Oculus VR, a piece of gaming tech that will enable an individual to be immersed into a new virtual reality experience, will cost $199 and ship early next year. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said they will offer a bundle that will include touch controllers for $399. Games and activities will be available on the device for individuals to play.

Upcoming release of improved iPhone X builds anticipation

Apple’s new iPhone X was announced a couple months ago, and was available to pre-order on October 27th. The phone comes in two colors: space gray and silver. The 64GB phone will cost $999, and the 256GB phone will cost $1,149. The new iPhone has said goodbye to the home button, allowing Apple to create a full touch screen. The new phone also allows for face recognition, by scanning the individual’s face twice. It also allows for “talking emojis” which one can select and send via text message. The new iPhone also includes an upgrade in the camera, allowing users to use the ever-popular “depth effect” function on the front facing camera.

New camera offers 360 degree tech and high quality to the general public

Samsung has released a new camera, one that can do 360 degree photos and videos. The new camera is able to capture 360 degrees worth of video and photos. It shoots in 4k video and let’s the user broadcast live from their current location. According to Samsung, they have created the camera to be smaller and handheld, with an “easy-to-grip body”.

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