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Branham´s Newest Startup

Shlok Gore, Staff Writer

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Sophomores Brenden Passamani, Dylan Llavore, and Evan Franco are the three entrepreneurs that started and work for Hype Cleans, an initiative that provides high quality shoe cleaning for a low price.

Brenden says, “I thought it would be important for everybody if instead of having to buy new shoes, I would just clean them and return the shoes to that ‘fresh out of the box’ look.”

With that idea in mind, he recruited Dylan and Evan to be partners in the business.  They are now monopolizing the shoe cleaning market at Branham, partly because of their stark differences to their competitors. “What makes us different from other shoe cleaning services is that our prices are cheap, so high school students can afford them.¨ They are the first students to hold a service like this at Branham.

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Branham´s Newest Startup