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Album: Flower Boy by Tyler the Creator

“Flower Boy” has a loose,n relaxing feel to it-drastically different from Tyler’s previous albums. When listening to the songs in order on the album, they flow together and transport the listener to their own bubble. More features and duets would’ve been really interesting, maybe including more artists that aren’t as well-known. “Flower Boy” takes a different approach to hip-hop music, combining the common hip-hop beat with an R&B vibe. -Taylor Susewitz

Restaurant: Veggie Grill (Santana Row)

This restaurant is a no-meat zone and creates alternatives for meat that aren’t just for meat that aren’t just tofu. All of the plates that are produced there are all vegetables-based. It’s really nice to have a vegetarian-friendly food spot with meat alternatives that taste good. I do think they could have varied the types of vegetables they use, but this restaurant is great for people who are vegan, vegetarian of have dietary restrictions. -Julia Marques da Silva

Song: “I Wish I’d Love You So” by CultbustersĀ 

The local band, the Cultbusters, released their most recent single on Sept. 12; shortly before their disbandment. The beach sound and melodic rock vibe makes this song danceable and sincere. Some technical aspects could be improved, however for a high school band, the sound is impressively professional. This song is best for those who like supporting local music and bands such as “The Beach Boys” and “Beach Beach Baby.” -Michaela Edlin

Book: “How to be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life” by Lilly Singh

YouTube creator Lilly Singh teaches readers the steps to being at the top of their game at home, at work, at school, and at life in general. The book tries a bit too hard with the interactive samples at the end of each chapter. This book is best suited for anyone under pressure in their life. -Atticus Ahearn

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