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Starting on a high note

For junior, singing is life, and hopefully a career

Claire Wilbanks has her eyes set on a future in singing.

Claire Wilbanks has her eyes set on a future in singing.

Claire Wilbanks has her eyes set on a future in singing.

Julia Marques Da Silva, Staff Writer

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When singing is your dream career, losing your voice can easily threaten that.

Seven months ago, junior Claire Wilbanks lost her ability to speak. Having been a singer nearly her entire life, this was a major blow.

“I had to go to a speech pathologist over the summer,” she said. “I literally had to learn how to talk again, so I am just getting into the swing of things.”

Now the future looks bright for Wilbanks, who recently was accepted into the selective Grammy Academy Camp.

The program trains high school students looking into a career in the music industry. The camp allows high school students to work with professionals and learn about the music business. Students submit requirements that are depended on what music related career they want to pursue and are selected to fill in the limited amount of spots.

At Branham, Wilbanks has participated in many music-related activities. She has performed during Acoustic Nights held by the Acoustic Club, participated in talent shows, and is currently in Branham’s first acapella show choir.

“I have been in school choirs since first grade,” Wilbanks said. “That’s one of the reasons why I started singing.”

Singing in musicals was another opportunity she had while growing up. Dartmouth Middle School allowed elementary school-aged children to participate in minor backgrounds parts. She starred in the productions of “Annie” and “The Music Man.”

She has also used social-media platforms like Instagram and YouTube to gain exposure. She said that Grammy Camp is another chance toward her musical goals.

“I’m really looking forward to improve my vocal ability,” Wilbanks said. “I have never taken vocal lessons, but I am planning to in the future.”

Wilbanks uses country singer Maren Morris, who recently won a Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance, as a model for her future goals and achievements. Like Wilbanks, Morris went to Grammy Camp when she was a teenager.

After this rough summer, Wilbanks is excited that she is able to snatch this chance and sees it as a turn in the right direction.

To avoid any complications before going to the camp, she plans on going on vocal rest to ensure that she is able to use her voice at its fullest potential.


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Starting on a high note