Fitness club promotes active lifestyle


One of the newer cubs on campus, the Health and Fitness club strides to help students achieve their fitness goals and improve their fitness in their lives through support.

Aaron Deans, Staff Writer

The new Health and Fitness club has a clear goal in mind: to help students set goals and improve their physical well-being and therefore their lives.

Junior Mackenzie De May, the club’s president, knows from personal experience the benefits of making goals in health and fitness.

“Most people underestimate how much bettering yourself, and your health fitness-wise, can help you as a person,” she said.  “When I started working towards my health and fitness goal, it not only bettered me physically, but also mentally.”

“I just wanted to help out other people,” she continued, “because it’s really important to set a goal for yourself and to reach it. It’s really satisfying.”

According to De May, the club racked up 136 sign-ups at Club Rush during late August. Not as many people came to the club’s first meeting, however.  

“There were some communication issues,” De May said.  “But I was happy with the turnout and I’m thankful for the people who came.”

Adviserr Christie Henebry shares DeMay’s perspective on what the club can offer to students.

“I think that it gives the students an opportunity to each set their own goals, and helps give them the motivation of others around them to help achieve those goals,” she said.

Sophomore Samiksha Boranna, the club’s secretary, saidthat the club isn’t limited to athletes; not being athletic doesn’t make a student any less qualified to join.

“You don’t have to be in any sports,” she said. “Anybody who wants to improve their lifestyle and make it healthier can join the club.”

Sophomore Shadan Hamavand joined the club to keep her fitness up.  

“Since I play soccer, I wanted to get better,” she said.

The Health and Fitness club meets every Thursday at lunch, by the JV soccer field. Students  can receive any important announcements before moving to the track, field, or weight room, depending on their preference.