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Sunanda Kottayil, Opinion Editor

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On May 24, Branham’s Drama 1, 2, and 3 classes workshopped one-act performances, which are their semester finals. Instead of being led and planned out by Drama teacher Ms. Christina Plank, the performances were directed by upperclassmen. Some students couldn’t memorize their lines, so they needed the aid of cue cards, but it did not affect the performances whatsoever. Senior Kristin Williams, who was understudying as the lead role in a comedic telling of  Whoopi Goldberg’s “Madea,” did such a superb job that you barely noticed her looking down at her white booklet. Students were easily able to improvise when things went wrong, such as when two students were playing football and the ball fell into the audience. After a brief moment of confusion and most likely panic, the students continued speaking as though nothing went wrong. Some performances that stood out belonged to freshmen Elizabeth Simmons and Frankie Castro, who played Sally and Sam, two teenagers in the 50s preparing for their first date, in the scene titled, “Sally and Sam” directed by senior Alexis Guim. Simmons and Castro remembered all of their lines, and Castro even assisted the supporting characters who had forgotten their lines. Despite some hiccups, the drama showcase was a success, and it looks like the students are going to ace their finals.

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