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Abundant diversity at dance show

Sydney Uyeda, Entertainment Editor

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The spring dance show was on the 18th, 19th and 20th of May. It was Disney-themed this year, because according to dance teacher Mrs. Eileen Bertron, “Everybody loves Disney.”

I had the privilege to attend the show on the first day, Thursday, with my friend from another school and junior Ethan Ponce. We sat in the very front row, excited for the show to start. A few of our friends were in the show, so we were anticipating their dance numbers. Mrs. Berton came onstage to do her intro before the lights dimmed and the show began.

The show was incredible, probably one of the most artistically crafted shows at Branham. The first number was from the movie “Frozen.” The dancers elegantly danced to the notes of the music, channeling their inner ice princess. Every number after that was beautiful and unique in its own way, showcasing each dancer’s talents. Senior Grace Su had a wonderfully choreographed dance to the song “Hellfire” from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Her movements, mixed with the red background, gave a sense that she was dancing in the “fires of hell.” Another great number was junior Jenna Cardoza’s choreography to the song “Breathe Out” as she played the character Meg from “Hercules.” Not only did her red hair add to this character, her years of dancing really shined in this number as she did jumps and twirls. Her emotions were spot on and played on to the number and the message behind it.

One particular dance number that blew me away was the “Moana” dance performed by sophomore Isabela Dumo. She was not even in the class, but because she was a Hawaiian dancer, Mrs. Bertron wanted her in the show, and her decision was a great one. Isabela’s dance moves were flowy and elegant; it was as if her second language was the dance itself. Combined with the music, it gave me a spiritual feeling and I felt that all of my problems were cleared and everything was calm and collected. She was one of the best dances of the show, her movements flowing like she was in water.

Another dance number that stood out was the Pocahontas Forest dance from the movie “Pocahontas.” This included most of the dancers, with juniors Ianna Duran, Miranda Bravo and Kimberly Ramos being the main leads in the number. Junior Sama Jasim rowed Kimberly out into the stage after which she danced a little bit with her fellow dancers acting as bushes in the forest. Ianna and Miranda then came out and danced their part of the number well. Then mostly everyone joined the stage to do an American Indian inspired dance. It was very well executed and enjoyable to watch.

The final number was a “Lion King” medley with all of the dancers included. Ianna was lifted into the air, acting as Simba, by junior Payton Weiland. Payton’s strength was shown here as she kept Ianna in the air for a good 20-30 seconds. The whole number was really well done and a great ending the dance show.

A final thing to mention was how the dance department incorporated their special ed students into the numbers. They were introduced in the “Little Mermaid” section of the show, waving their ribbons in the air to act like the current of the ocean, as the audience was taken under the sea. They did an incredible job and were a great addition to the show.

All in all, the spring dance show was absolutely wonderful and was a pleasure to watch. Be sure to attend more dance shows in the coming months.

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Abundant diversity at dance show