Bonded softball team to CCS


Jocelyn Pierce, Staff Writer

Branham‘s girls varsity softball team closed out an extraordinary season with their loss in a first-round CCS game against Leland High School.

Leland took a 4-0 lead right off the bat, but Branham slowly closed the gap 4-3. Sophomore Madison Ribeiro was temporarily injured, rattling the Lady Bruins and letting Leland build their lead up to 8-3. Junior Zylee Augenstein hit a two-run double in the top of the seventh inning, closing the gap to 8-5. Sophomore Taylor Fowler then hit a three-run homerun over the fence, tying the game 8-8. This was Fowler’s first homerun of the year. Despite the Bruins’ amazing comeback, the girls faced a devastating defeat when Leland scored in the final inning, defeating Branham 9-8.  

The team finished off the season with a league record of 10-4, and an overall record of 20-8. Ribeiro credits the girls’ accomplishments to their goals of improvement. “We recognized our mistakes and faced them head on, tackling them so they wouldn’t affect the next game. The joy we felt from our successes constantly drove us to do better and watch our hard work pay off.”

The JV Lady Bruins enjoyed an undefeated season this year. They finished with a league record of 12-0, an improvement from last year’s record of 8-4.

Sophomore Taylor Wong goes as far to describe this year as the “best season ever” due to the girls’ talents, as well as the behind the scenes chemistry. “Everyone trusted each other to do their jobs on and off the field. We all contributed equally, the game was never solely dependent on one person.”

Freshman Emma Le shared a similar viewpoint as Wong. “The fact that we spent so much time together definitely contributed to our success. We started off the season with so many different skill levels, but it didn’t take long for us to learn how to work as a team.” Le says that playing for Branham was “probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I got to play the sport I love with the people I love.”